Selected Talks

“How I learned to stop worrying and love Academia Twitter,” DGfA Annual Conference, University of Hamburg, June 2019.

“Multiplayer Lit, Multiplayer Crit,” ACLA Annual Conference, Georgetown University, March 2019.

Closing Roundtable Discussant at Symposium: “Stuff: Anxieties and Aspirations of the Material World,” University of Pennsylvania, February 2019.

“All the Things,” MLA Annual Conference, Chicago, January 2019 (Panel Organizer: “Method Wars?”).

“The Death of Things,” Wolf Humanities Center, University of Pennsylvania, November 2018.

“Ralph Ellison, Chester Himes, and the Persistence of Forms,” 20th Century Colloquium Guest, Princeton University, November 2018.

“Writing Funny,” Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present, New Orleans, Louisiana, October 2018. (Panel Organizer: “How We Write (Well)”).

“On Transience, On Typography.” Panelist on “Multiple Times, Material Books,” co-organized with Emily Hyde. Society for Novel Studies Conference, Ithaca, June 2018.

Conference Co-organizer, “Imagined Forms: Modeling and Material Culture.” Keynotes Johanna Drucker and Peter Galison. UD Center for Material Culture Studies and The Hagley Museum. Wilmington, November 2017.

“Black Lives and Matter: Policing Harlem in the Work of Chester Himes and Ralph Ellison.” Invited Speaker, University of Bonn, Germany, July 2017.

Panel Organizer, “Thing Theory 2017.” MLA Annual Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, January 2017.

“Refuse, Refuge, Relic,” International Symposium: “The Refuge of Object/Objects of Refuge.” Obama Institute for Transnational American Studies, University of Mainz, Germany, December 2016.

“Fun with the Future Past: Revisiting Coney Island,” “Obsolescence: Cultural Figurations of the (No Longer) Particular,” Invited Speaker, University of Cologne, Germany, June 2016. Audio recording available here.

“Berggasse 19: The House that Freud Built,” Jewish Studies Lecture Series, University of Delaware, May 2016.

“Mourning the World of Tomorrow: Ephemera and the 1939 New York World’s Fair,” Osher Institute for Lifelong Learning, Wilmington, Delaware, April 2016.

“We Have Never Been Post-Modern,” The Contemporary Conference, Princeton University, March 2016.

“The Persistence of the Thing: Obsolescence and Affect,” MLA Annual Conference, Austin, Texas, January 2016.

“Object Relations: Psychoanalysis and Material Culture Studies,” Invited Speaker, Princeton University Psychoanalysis Reading Group, Princeton, New Jersey, December 2015.

“Whitman’s Contemporary Novel?” Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present, Greenville, South Carolina, September 2015. (Co-organizer of Panel: “Reading for the Future”)

Guest on “Obsolescence: Novelty Versus Nostalgia,” The Colin McEnroe Show, WNPR, September 2015. Listen here.

“The Great Gatsby, Analog and Digital,” Jagiellonian University, Krakow Poland, Invited Speaker, June 2015.

“Making News: Forms and Formats of Knowing in North America,” Panel Organizer (with Hanjo Berressem), Annual DGfA Conference, Bonn, May 2015.

“Printed Matters: Paper Money and the Future of the Book,” Financial Times Conference, Frankfurt, March 2015.

“Mourning the World of Tomorrow: Ephemera and the 1939 New York World’s Fair,” University of Delaware, Invited Speaker, February 2015.

“The Pleasure of the Hoax: The Great Gatsby, Analog and Digital,” JFK Institute Berlin, February 2015.

“News From the Outside. Suspense, Seriality, Systems,” Respondent to Mark Seltzer. University of Cologne, July 2014.

“American Objects: The Twinkie,” University of Cologne, May 2014.

“Another Look at Coney Island,” ACLA Annual Conference, New York, March 2014.

“Artifactual Pleasures,” MLA Annual Conference, Chicago, January 2014 (Co-organizer of Panel: “Anecdote, Archive, Artifact: On Modernist Evidence”)

“Fun with the Future-Past: Amusement and Obsolescence in 1930s New York,” Cultures of Obsolescence in North America Conference, University of Göttingen, June 2013.

“From Gatsby to Google Earth,” University of Pennsylvania, Invited Speaker, February 2013.

“Ephemeral Gods and Billboard Saints,” American Comparative Literature Association Annual Conference, Providence, March 2012.

“9/11 Nostalgia and Joseph O’Neill’s Netherland,” University of Maryland, Invited Speaker, February 2012.

“Our Lady of the Underpass,” Futures of American Studies Institute, Dartmouth College, June 2011.

“Reading Urban Apparitions,” JFK Institute of American Studies Annual Graduate Conference, Berlin, May 2011.

“Building the World of Tomorrow: Futurity and Obsolescence at the 1939 New York World’s Fair,” American Studies Association Annual Conference, San Antonio, November 2010.

“Vision, Assimilation, and Colonialism with a Difference in Joseph O’Neill’s Netherland”American Comparative Literature Association Annual Conference, New Orleans, March 2010.