A Conversation about Material Culture Studies Today

Founded in 2000, the Center for Material Culture Studies (CMCS) at the University of Delaware is approaching its 25th birthday. The successes of CMCS reflect the success of material culture studies more generally: whether we consider it a field, discipline, approach, or method, object-based teaching and learning has proliferated in and beyond the university. Instead of simply celebrating nearly a quarter-century of intellectual community and programming at UD, we want to use this occasion to take stock of what material culture studies means today—in theory and in practice—at leading academic institutions. This symposium brings faculty leaders and graduate students at such institutions together to explore the contemporary contours of material culture studies in a collaborative setting. With the aim of building community, this event focuses on sharing what works in academic settings, what exciting work is done in material culture studies right now, and what the future might hold. Rather than a series of lectures, participants will engage in conversation and workshops, with ample time for unstructured discussion and exchange.

Stay tuned for more details including program and conference website!