I am so fortunate to teach undergraduate students (majors and non-majors), graduate fellows from the Winterthur Program, and PhD students from several disciplines in the humanities. They keep me on my toes, expand my thinking, and teach me about what’s really happening online!

I have taught a wide variety of courses at a number of institutions. In addition to courses on literature, material culture, and literary theory, I enjoy teaching composition and research methods. I have developed a series of workshops on writing for scholars in the social sciences. I also train graduate students to engage a broader public—through writing, media appearances, and community outreach— in the Delaware Public Humanities Institute (DELPHI).

If you’d like to read more about my commitment to feminist pedagogy, please take a look at my Feminist Guide to Grad Seminars.

In 2022, I received University of Delaware's College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Advising Award. In 2006, I received the Wayne C. Booth Graduate Student Prize for Excellence in Teaching from the University of Chicago.

At the University of Delaware

ENGL 639 (Grad Seminar): Reading the Present; Spring 2022

ENGL 361: Comic Books and Graphic Novels

ENGL 840 (Grad Seminar): Digital Intimacy: Studies in Contemporary Fiction; Fall 2020

MCST/ENGL/HIST/ARTH/EAMC 610 (Grad Seminar, Team Taught with Prof. Zara Anishanslin): Introduction to Theories of Material Culture Studies; Spring 2020

ENGL 204: “Introduction to American Literature”; Spring 2016 and Spring 2020 with Teaching Assistant Olivia DeClark

Honors ENGL 110: “Prized Possessions: Collections and Identity”; Spring 2019

ENGL 684 (Grad Seminar): Introduction to Literary Theory; Fall 2017 and Fall 2018

ENGL 101 (Undergrad Lecture/ “Gateway Course”): Introduction to Digital Studies, Fall 2017, with Teaching Assistant Michael Doss

ENGL 639 (Grad Seminar): “Material Losses: Psychoanalysis and Material Culture in the Contemporary American Novel”; Fall 2016

ENGL 348/JWST 348 : “Contemporary American Jewish Fiction”; Fall 2016 and Fall 2020

ENGL 361: “Digital Cultures: How to Read the Internet”; Spring 2016

ENGL 110: “Critical Reading and Writing”; Fall 2015

ENGL 361: “Superheroes, Supervillains, and Sequential Art: Comic Books and Graphic Novels”; Fall 2015

At the JFK Institute

“Literary Theory” (PhD); Spring 2015

“Welcome to the ‘Burbs’: Norms, Neighbors & Zombies” (MA); With Hanjo Berressem in Cologne; Spring 2015

“The City in Color: Race and Urbanism in North American Fiction Since 1900” (BA); Spring 2015

“Introduction to Literary Studies” (BA); Fall 2014

“Research Colloquium” (BA and MA); Fall 2014

At the University of Bonn

“The City in Color: Race and Urbanism in North America” (MA); Spring 2014

“Digital Cultures” (MA and BA); Fall 2013 and Spring 2014

        -The course website featuring student-developed material can be viewed here.

“New York Now” (MA); Fall 2013

“The Agency of Things: Introduction to Material Culture Studies” (MA); Spring 2013

“The Work of Pop Culture in North America” (BA); Spring 2013

“Research Colloquium: Writing Theses” (MA); Spring 2014

At Princeton University

“All About Hitchock” (BA); Spring 2012

“Literature of the American Renaissance” (BA); Fall 2011

“American Best Sellers” (BA); Spring 2009

At the University of Chicago

“Humanities Core Course: Reading Cultures” (BA); Fall and Spring 2005-6

At Prairie State Community College (Illinois)

“Introduction to Composition” (BA) ; Fall and Spring 2005-6

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